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The Grateful Dead Summer Tour Bus Men's T-Shirt

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Grateful Dead Summer Tour Bus Men's T-shirt - Far out man! If you're new to the band, or if you're an old "dead head", you need this Grateful Dead men's t-shirt. This officially licensed t-shirt will bring you right back to your old roadie days, or tell you exactly what is was like to be around in this legends' heyday. This brilliantly colored tie-dyed Grateful Dead men's tee features graphics of the iconic colorful bears driving through the countryside in a Grateful Dead tour bus. This grateful dead summer tour men's t-shirt, is definitely not just for summer, but will also give your falls, winters, and springs quite the psychedelic trip! You'll be "Casey Jones"àridin that trainàhigh onà well you know how the song goes. Get the awesome time trip that is this Grateful Dead Summer Tour Bus Men's T-shirt , and don't worry, you don't have to watch your speed.