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Welcome to The World Famous We are the largest online collection of 100% official Iconic Music, TV, Movie, Sports and TV Merchandise. Join our rapidly expanding international affiliate program.

Demographics : Men,Women,Kids,Babies,Seniors, pets and All Super Heroes.

Average order basket $45.00. We cross all your demographics and have merchandise as low as $1.90, sale rack of 50% off and average T-shirt price between $22.00 and $25.00, there is something for everyone and on any budget, you send potential customers and we will convert them, regardless of which country they are coming from. Fashion, Music Genre, Sports Genre, Movie Genre, TV Genre, Retro, Vintage ,Punk ,Goth, Anime, Memorabilia, Gifts, Gadgets, Jewelry, hip hop, Rock, Pop, Country, Bands, Fans,Babies,Teens,Tweens,Posters,Fashion,History,Gaming,Military,Patriotic,Holidays,Festivals and more. Merchandise commission structure.

Get 10% commission default commission.
Generate sales of $100.00 and move up to 11%
Generate Sales of $500.00 and move up to 12%
Generate Sales of $750.00 move up to 13%
Generate sales of $1,000.00 move up to 14%
Above $1,500.00 you get 15%

The above is based on a monthly target:

Example affiliate abc generates $99.00 in May, Affiliate gets 10% commission, Affiliate abc generates $102 in June, Affiliate gets 11%.

Fair and ethical commission allocation:

Using technology, we believe in rewarding affiliates based on paying a commission for a sale based on first affiliate referrer. How ever, we understand that if the customer leaves the shopping basket and comes back via a different affiliate, the last affiliate referrer should also receive a commission. In this scenario, we will split the commission 50/50.

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Tickets for Music and Sports Events

We sell tickets to all sports and music events, refer potential customers here and get 8% on all bookings. We do the work, we will upload monthly events based on merchandise that we sell.

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Free T-shirt

Got traffic? Can you prove it? Drop us a line and get a free T-shirt in exchange for a review. Exclusive coupon codes, no problem.

Data Feed

Full comprehensive data feed so you can use it in its entirety or split out the part you need that fits into your specific category.


90 days. Chance for you to earn more than just one off commission, any time your referred customer comes back and makes a purchase within 90 days, you get commission. If your customer comes through your link but does not buy anything within the session, then there is 90 days in which if that customer comes back and makes a purchase, you still get rewarded.

Revenue split

Applicable only where two or more affiliates are involved in one sale based on first click and last click, affiliates split the commission. Example Customer Jessica, clicks on affiliate 123 link, Jessica adds product to basket and checks out, Jessica goes off to look for a coupon code and clicks on affiliate 456 link, enters code and pays. In this scenario, two affiliates, 123 & 456 were involved, the commission is split 50/50. We think this is a fairer way of rewarding affiliates where more than one affiliate was involved in the sale.


Industry sized banners including mobile marketing and social network marketing sizes. Need a special size, no problem drop us a line.

Advice and get rolling suggestions.

Read your newsletters from your affiliate managers, it’s more than just best sellers; it contains real advice in helping you convert, adding content value to your site, blog, social or mobile efforts. We keep you informed about trends, latest tools, ad copy, consumer incentives and affiliate incentives. We want to put the “loyalty” back into performance marketing.

Affiliate Managers

The Noise Farm LLC, aka

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The award winning team The Noise Farm ( have approved multi millions in affiliate commissions for more than a decade, they are an independent, fair and ethical Affiliate Management Agency.

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